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Bogdan Bocaneala​



Bogdan Bocaneala is the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of the company. Bogdan has over 13 years of experience in the field of fracture mechanics four of which were spent in research and the last nine working for the biggest oilfield service company in various locations throughout Continental Europe, North Africa and the North Sea fulfilling roles in field operations, sales and technical management.

Mark Norris


Mark Norris is a well respected 3rd generation oil industry engineer with 35 yrs field experience with Schlumberger in the North Sea, North Africa, Middle East and the USA. He is well known as an industry expert in the field of well stimulation with particular emphasis on hydraulic fracturing having designed, executed and evaluated many such operations over a 30 year period for numerous multi-nationals, state oil companies and independents. Mark holds a BSc (Div 1) engineering degree from RGU with further studies at Tulsa University.

Shari Channa



Shari Channa is an Imperial College Petroleum Engineering Masters graduate with more than 10 years of experience in the oilfield. She specialises in production optimization, with a focus in hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation operations.  Shari has worked in several roles both offshore and onshore, and in conventional and unconventional production environments, implementing new technology in high profile and challenging environments. She has experience in subsurface modelling of fractures and production simulation for optimising production strategies.

Michael Pitts



Michael Pitts has over 39 years of experience in the oil industry, predominately in Production Technology, which has been gained in the USA, Middle East and the North Sea. He is a graduate of Herriot Watt University, and has worked for Halliburton, Maersk and Total and through various roles has been responsible for the design, planning and execution of many stimulation treatments.  Michael has specialist knowledge in the stimulation of Carbonate reservoirs, especially in ultra long horizontal wells where special treatments and innovations are required.

Kevin Mauth

Kevin Mauth


Kevin has nearly 30 years of experience in the oil industry including well construction, production enhancement, and project management. He has experience working in the USA, North & West Africa, Middle East, Russia, and across Europe. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, and an MSc from Heriot Watt University.  He also completed a non-degree program in Integrated Reservoir Management at IFP / Imperial College.  Kevin worked for Schlumberger for 29 years across various roles and locations, focused on the design, planning and execution a wide range of treatments and interventions to improve well performance. Kevin has specialist knowledge and experience in the stimulation of both conventional and unconventional Sandstone and Carbonate reservoirs.

Mario Ulloa



Mario Ulloa has over 20 years of oilfield experience from different regions in the world: Latin-America, Continental Europe, Caspian, Middle East and West Africa. His expertise covers from Production Enhancement to Well Construction and Project Management. With a technical specialisation in Stimulation services and water control, he can support the whole Productivity cycle: from candidate selection to field execution to post treatment evaluation. He has a major in Chemical Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey.






Steve Ball




Steve has 31 years of oilfield experience. He has worked worldwide in deserts, seas and conventional land locations too. He has first-hand experience on numerous Stimulation vessels as Operations Manager and later as Operations Support Manager. He was qualified as a lead internal quality auditor. Steve holds a BSc (Hons) Engineering degree from Coventry University.

Eric Vaughan



Eric has over 38 years of experience in international oil and gas operations having held various management and engineering roles for well service and exploration companies. He has been instrumental in high profile hydraulic fracturing operations in the UK, including the first shale gas frac and multi-stage nitrogen foam fracs. He did early work in the Appalachian Basin shales, primarily with carbon dioxide and nitrogen based fracs. Eric has managed the design and manufacture of multiple sets of USA and European specification fracturing, well service and drilling equipment.

Reda Tarabet

RedaTarabet v1


Reda is a Senior Consultant with OPECS and has joined the team in October 2020. He has over 18 years of experience in the oil industry, predominately in Production and Stimulation Technology, gained internationally in diverse working environments. He worked in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Congo and Saudi Arabia, mainly for Schlumberger through various roles covering advanced fracturing design, execution and production enhancement and has been responsible for several multidisciplinary large scale projects with proven results. Reda has specialist knowledge of unconventional reservoirs covering both technical and operational aspects obtained from managing the unconventional resources evaluation for Sonatrach Algeria.

Alexandr Mocanu



Alexandr has over nine years of experience in the oil and gas industry and he spent most of his career in well production enhancement engineering roles in Europe, with short term assignment in Western Siberia during his first years of oilfield. He was responsible for technical and operational preparation, execution and evaluation of multiple stimulation jobs in the Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Poland), and was involved in high profile jobs like stimulation of unconventional and tight reservoirs and first-time implementation of new stimulation technologies. Alexandr has a bachelor’s degree from the “Politehnica” University in Bucharest.

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